Consulting - User Experience - Analytics

Established in 2006, Aten Works (DBA: LAT22N), helps empower its customers with its varied Service offerings to improve their Business Process, IT Collaboration and Innovation across the ecosystem and utilization of Data as a Strategic Asset.



Aten Works supports its customers with staffing their Projects with right skilled resources and help them complete their Projects on time and within budget. The Staffing models are Contract, Contract to Hire or Permanent. Our staffing methodology and process gives us ability to identify, screen and deploy the resources in a quick turnaround to save valuable project time.

user experience

The need for User Experience (UX) oriented Designs for all projects from complex applications to mobile oriented apps has vastly increased because of the end user demand for a nimble and quicker way to use applications. Aten Works has developed a process that integrates the UX component into the development process of applications to make both work seamlessly to generate an immersive experience of end product.


Data across enterprise and external sources like social media has opened new insight into Business Process and ensure smarter decisions. Aten Works is building Tools and Teams who can help harness and provide required interactive Reports/Dashboards for stakeholders to make quicker decisions to improve their Business.


Aten Works is a Silicon Valley-based, IT Services company that brings a fresh approach to the IT Services Business in Global Corporations. With over a decade of experience from playing leadership roles in high-growth staffing firms in the Valley, our executive team brings deep technology domain experience to Customer needs and identifies the right approach to cut cost and time. Aten Works invests into the needs of market today and provides the right approach in services like Analytics, Consulting and Project Management.